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    Today more than ever, the financial services industry is challenged to turn vast, often disparate data stores into actionable information. In the face of increasingly competitive and demanding global marketplace, banks need to efficiently manage data and derive business intelligent information for the purpose of Strategic planning, Management decision making, Risk management purposes and Compliance purposes.

    In banking and financial institutions, the information required for improved decision making originates predominantly from the core-banking systems, which is rich in business-critical data. The challenge remains how the raw, unprocessed transactional data generated by these systems can be transformed into rich, powerful information that can be used to master strategies that would propel the company beyond competition.

    Maven Solutions bring together its expertise in the financial services vertical and next generation technology to uncover ways to extract data and transform these vast data into rich, meaningful information. Our expertise in verious BI Suits provides a comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence, financial performance management and advanced analytics that helps financial institutions consolidate data from various sources to effectively plan, understand, manage and predict financial and operational performance. By unlocking data captured in operational and financial systems and coupling it with the right capabilities, We help organizations to excel in areas such as decision making, risk management, customer relationship and operational efficiencies.

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