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    Today the era of open source for mission-critical systems is solidly underway. Open source is proving itself as a driving force behind enterprise IT innovation, operational effectiveness and business value creation. Although cost control remains a factor for choosing open source, the potential for organizations to benefit from improved software quality, reliability, security and feature sets has led many decision makers to seriously commit to using open source in the enterprise.Open source is now integral to business, a real alternative to proprietary software. With a strong foundation of underlying tools and technologies, open source has emerged as a compelling building block for robust, cost-effective enterprise applications and infrastructure. Along with the other benefits, time to arket can be reduced and enterprise IT budgets can be more effectively deployed since open source lowers total cost of ownership (TCO).With its flexibility to simplify the development, design and implementation of business-critical applications-from productivity-enhancing collaboration and information-based portals to highpowered industry-centered applications-open source has hit prime time

    Open Source Software (OSS) continues to be one of the most viable and leading levers for cost optimization. The overall adoption trends and economics around OSS confirm that this technology is making significant headway as an IT Platform even for mission-critical business applications.

    At Maven Solutions, we have developed a deep understanding of the OSS technology and of the typical issues faced by enterprises while considering OSS adoption. Maven Solutions has identified the key areas in which enterprises can benefit from the adoption of OSS technology, and has developed proven capabilities in these areas. Leveraging its vast IT experience, Maven Solutions offers OSS expertise in the areas of Portal, Content Management & Collaboration (PCC), Rich Internet Applications, Service Oriented Architecture, Workflows and Business Process Management, Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing, Business Intelligence and Application/Web Servers.

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